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I read widely and in most genres but romance and westerns. Here you'll find my reviews since 2007, with a few reviews of previously read books as well.


In 2012, I completed an "authors of the world" challenge, reading a book for every country (and a few other entities) by someone who'd lived there for at least two years. I expect to tag these books by challenge and country in the near future. I'm still refining my list by adding books that better meet my challenge criteria.

The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History - John Ortved Eh. Reasonably bland and somewhat free of content that would be unfamiliar to a Simpsons fan interested in the show's internecine squabbles. I was hoping for more about the show's creative process; while there is some of that, much of the book (primarily presented in interview soundbites) consisted of ad hominem gossip. This dish is incomplete given that most of the key players aren't represented except in quotes from others' previously-published articles and magazine fluff. Further detracting from the book's pleasure are the author's sections, where he pronounces and opines a great deal about motives and the show without any particular evidence. I can interject statements about my favorite episodes, too. That's called "blogging."