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I read widely and in most genres but romance and westerns. Here you'll find my reviews since 2007, with a few reviews of previously read books as well.


In 2012, I completed an "authors of the world" challenge, reading a book for every country (and a few other entities) by someone who'd lived there for at least two years. I expect to tag these books by challenge and country in the near future. I'm still refining my list by adding books that better meet my challenge criteria.

A Confusion of Princes

A Confusion of Princes - Garth Nix I enjoyed this freestanding novel, a coming-of-age story with nods to other juvenile science fiction and not a little of the end of Robert Charles Wilson's Darwinia. However, Nix is somewhat out of his element in science fiction, and his lack of facility sometimes shows. Though this story isn't picaresque, it feels like it is in that elements don't always seem to have adequate explanations and aren't all well-integrated into the ploy. This looseness of weave contributes to the feeling that it's a video game script (and indeed, there's an associated video game). It sprawls a bit, but I can live with that, and it's fun to see Nix stretch.