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I read widely and in most genres but romance and westerns. Here you'll find my reviews since 2007, with a few reviews of previously read books as well.


In 2012, I completed an "authors of the world" challenge, reading a book for every country (and a few other entities) by someone who'd lived there for at least two years. I expect to tag these books by challenge and country in the near future. I'm still refining my list by adding books that better meet my challenge criteria.

Extras (Uglies Trilogy)

Extras - Scott Westerfeld Other than its reliance on the reader's knowledge of who Tally Youngblood is, plus a few incidentals of culture and action, this 4th volume in the Uglies series would stand alone pretty well. Though many of the themes are similar to those of the previous books, Extras is the best of them--best plotted, best written, best resolved. Unfortunately, as the last in the series, it is repetitive and many elements are stale. It might be best to read it as a more-or-less comprehensible stand-alone if you want to read only one.